Mobile Force Automation

Mobile Force Automation (MFA)

Enjoy A Seamless Ordering Process, Anytime, Anywhere. Increase The Efficiency of Sales Force.

What is Mobile Force Automation Solution?

Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution allows sales personnel to perform order entry, inventory monitoring and collection enquiries using smart device or handheld terminal, providing an online real-time ordering process over mobile networks, being designed to integrate easily and seamlessly with any ERP system.


Why your organization needs this solution?

With years of experience in implementing Sales Force Automation Solution to many different customers with many different needs and require- ments, MFA understands the challenges companies face in the marketplace and the effects on the entire sales ordering process.

With Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution, your organization can now solve these conditions:

  • Delay in submitting and processing sales orders
  • Unavailable inventory levels on the spot
  • Unavailable customer information such as credit limit, demographics and sales history
  • Unable to capture market information in a faster and more efficient way
  • High voice & fax communication costs
  • Error in data input & duplicate during data entry
  • No control on the order taking process
  • Solution Description

Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution boasts of many useful features and functions that help streamline the sales ordering and selling process. Some of the main features include:

  • Sales Management – real time order entry, market return, multi-level discount Customer Management – credit limit & term, sales turnover, aging
  • Product Management – pricing band, inventory level
  • Route Management – advance route planning
  • Trade Survey Management – flexible configuration
  • Collection Management – partial payment
  • Stock Management – stock requisition, stock count
  • Report Management – scoreboard, sales summary, collection summary Receipt, Delivery Order, Credit Note printing via mobile printer

Benefit to an organization include :

  • Increase Productivity

Sales personnel are able to collect accurate business data from the field using smart device and send the data back to the back-office systems electronically. This reduces the administrative work and allows the sales personnel to have more time for additional customers visit, which result in additional orders.

  • Data Accuracy

Replacing paper with smart devices reduces double entry work and the potential for human errors in copying data from paper form to the com- puter through manual entry.

  • Operational Costs Optimization

By removing the paperwork burden, sales personnel and associated administration staff at the back-office will experience less administration costs in paperwork such as order/collection entry. The solution will also greatly reduce the number of manpower required to manage, consolidate and generate reports for management and analysis.

  • Better Customer Service

Almost real time transaction enables better customer service and customer satisfaction. Sales representatives have the time now to provide valu- able information to the outlet owners. Sales representatives are able to suggest ways to the outlets to increase their sales.