Large Format Display



Get A Crystal Clear Viewing Experience

With a unique design and impressive features like the brightness sensor and embedded media player, this product is ideal for business.

Product Features

An increasing number of organizations are using large format displays (LFDs) to display their business content and to differentiate their organization from the competition. Companies need displays that offer excellent image resolution but are lighter weight and take up minimal space without increasing energy costs. Samsung ME Series LED LFDs deliver superior LED technology in a slim display. The use of eco-friendly materials during the manufacturing process and low power consumption makes the ME Series a sound choice.

Edge LED Technology

Samsung Edge LED solution utilises LED lamps around the edge of the panel so the LEDs emit light on the side of the panel. This results in a much thinner screen that requires fewer lamps meaning reduced power consumption and less heat generation. Its slim and light weight design offers heavy weight communication solutions for any business looking to convey concise marketing or educational messages. Plus low power consumption means lower running costs. The LED technology driving the LFD consumes less energy than conventional CCFL-based LFD and is lower on co2 emissions.

Enhanced User Experience

Samsung LFDs leverage the most cutting-edge technology to provide enhanced functionality aligned to your business needs. With the built-in media player for your Samsung LFD, you can activate your display capabilities more than you ever thought possible. Built within a microchip the media player has a CPU with a powerful processing speed. The inclusion of our Samsung MagicInfo Lite software enables you to run the LFD as a stand alone unit without the need of additional players.

Auto Brightness Sensor

The new ME Series LED LFD screens come a brightness sensor that detects the ambient light instensity and automatically adjusts the screen brightness.

Various Connectivity From Analogue To Digital

Access a wide range of digital content for a more engaging user experience with our comprehensive connectivity options. Connect PCs and other compatible devices to display the content that is most relevant to your audience. The ME Series lets you control your display with both Ethernet/RS-232C remote control simultaneously.



H-Scanning Frequency: 30 – 81 KHz

Maximum Pixel Frequency: 148.5 MHz

V-Scanning Frequency: 48 – 75 Hz


Diagonal Size: 40

Light Source Type: LED

Type: 60 Hz LED BLU

Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080

Pixel Pitch(mm): 0.15375 (H) x 0.46125 (V)