• Number of dots: 832dots
  • Resolution 8 dots/mm
  • Printing/Paper width: 104mm/112mm
  • Character set: Katakana. PC437, PC850.PC852 PC857.PC858.PC863.PC865, PC866
  • Emulation: ESC/POS (Add a few functions)
  • USB: V2.0
  • IrDA protocol: Ir-BHT(Ver.3.0) &.Ii~SANEI (Option:IrOBEX)
  • Bluetooth: V2.0
  • AC adapter: BLS-120W(DC9.0V. 3.0A)
  • Battery: UR-250(2500mAh), continuous printing 100m (Possible to use UR-121)
  • Life (MTBF): 300.000 hours (Printing rate 12.5%, Standard paper 0.06mm)
  • Current consumption (Standby): Ave.70mA or less
  • Color: White, Black
  • Error indication: Indication during battery charge

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